Croque Monsieur helps Johnny

My boyfriend Johnny has quite a hectic job as a civil servant doing things for the government, and often could do with a bit of help. So he was very pleased when Croque Monsieur (his ribbon confers a certain Gallic touch) jumped in his suit pocket this morning and drove all the way to work with him. However, it soon became clear that Croque Monsieur’s intentions were far from honourable, as he wreaked havoc in the office, causing mayhem at the heart of the British Government! Even Mr Blair himself was not exempt when he rang up my Johnny for a chat about policy-type stuff, as Croque Monsieur cut the phone dead just as Tony was about to tell Johnny just how and when he’d be quitting as Prime Minister, and what he really thinks of Gordon:


Such stress just added to poor Johnny’s hunger, so he decided to call an early lunch. Again, however, Croque Monsieur had other plans, forcing Johnny to eat a plate of chips for lunch and risk a carb-induced coma:


If you want to share your life with this Gallic, Brownite interloper, please check out Bittersweet’s blog for the pattern – thank you for sharing it with us!


4 responses to “Croque Monsieur helps Johnny

  1. Wow, nice work! It looks so similar to mine, I might even wonder if they were separated at birth! If only for the sake of your electronics and food, I sure hope he’ll calm down a bit as he matures; Everyone knows that it’s the babies that can be so mischevious, after all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I love Croque Monsieur! He could eat my crochet bunny, Phoebe.

  3. The crocodile is eating a phone cable, aaaaaaah! XD that’s so cute ^^ I hope he won’t eat this small crocodile from Poland ๐Ÿ˜‰
    great work and nice story ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. That is the cutest aligator ever. Such personality!

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