Project Flugg

In the midst of working on something very special, which will be available soon. Clue – look at their feet!

Guess who got a new scanner?

Me, wheeee!!!! I am really chuffed with my latest acquisition – my first ever scanner, and what a beauty it is too!! Admittedly, I am somewhat behind the times on this technological front, but in my defence, I have never needed to scan anything up until now – indeed have never used a scanner up until now. And I’m normally much more on the ball with such electronic innovations, having championed both the mobile phone and the Minidisc in the mid-90s (“MP3s? They’ll never catch on; are you seriously expected to cart your PC around to listen to music?” – a somewhat Betamax moment from me, I think you’ll agree).

Anyway, the purpose of my scanner is to copy graphs, tables, diagrams and a whole host of scintillating information. But I actually think it’s much more fun to preserve old film pics for posterity. Behold!

Fashion forward in 1981
Fashion forward in 1981 – See that turtle in the background (with the doll on him)? He’s still in my bedroom today! Don’t live anywhere without Turtle.

Dad, Andrew and I, c. 1984
Dad, Andrew and I, c. 1984 – I hated that sofa – it would be another 22 years before my mum got rid of it!

Mum and I, c 1985
Mum and I, c 1985 – This is my favourite photo of my mum and I. Look what a chunkster I was 🙂

Such fun!

The other thing I have been enjoying greatly is the ‘Manga Me’ game, which has taken the Flickr world by storm. I love it, and am particularly impressed with how much mine actually looks like me! Whenever I draw cartoons, this is exactly how I depict myself!

Manga Flissy!

John’s, on the other hand, looks somewhat less grumpy than he is in real life 😉

Manga Johnny!

You really must have a go, and be sure to share the results!

Dusting oneself down…

…and starting again.

After the disappointments of this week, I did feel like doing little more than moping, sleeping and maxing out on the carbohydrate front (including bottled beer). However, what one earth would this achieve, other than being an exercise in self-pity? Somehow, we have managed to dust ourselves down and face the future, and *try* to make the most of the situation we’re in. We’ve got an open viewing on our house this weekend, which should raise some interest, although we could have done without our Chancellor’s typical dithering over the issue of Stamp Duty.

I’ve probably not really explicated this in previous posts, but this house move *isn’t* something that’s been ill-conceived and rushed into, in the same way that John returning to Uni to study medicine is not a recent development. It has seriously taken 5 years of financial, time, relationship and emotional pressures to reach the point we’re at now. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, we’ve faced ridiculous obstacles at every turn; it took, for example, the spectre of the Grim Reaper to galvanise John’s parents into helping out. But now, whilst the situation may not be ideal, he is in a position where he can go back; indeed, having handed his notice in, there is no going back, as they say!

Trying times can bring out the amateur philosopher in all of us. I keep on telling myself that ‘all things happen for a reason’, along with other trite sentiments. Obviously I am not the world’s greatest philosopher! One email received, however, sums everything up perfectly, whilst instilling a sense of hope that cuts through the dark clouds that hang over us all too often. At the end of last week, John forwarded me this email, received from a colleague:

“I often think that quotes from literary figures and famous philosophers are well cheesy whenstuck over someone’s desk at work, but I was talking with L this morning about me going back to study medicine, and she thought that our trials and tribulations rang true in this quote from Goethe:

‘Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back- Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.’

Slightly cheesy, but I think there’s lots of truth in it. X”

Let’s hope so.

Feeling glum :(

24 hours ago, we’d sold our house. Today it’s back up for sale again. The buyer simply changed his mind. I feel like crying. I can’t muster any optimism at the moment, but am putting a brave (ish) face on things as John is also very stressed about the situation. What has happened to this country?

Inspired by Blythe (part 1 of an occasional series)

As a dolly clothes maker, it’s so interesting to see the variety of skills, styles and techniques with which people are using to dress their girls. I must stalk Etsy on an hourly basis (cough, cough – every ten minutes more like) just to see what’s out there. So many crafters, so many beautiful things. Every now and the, however, something is an absolute standout favourite, usually because of its originality and flair. Today, for example, I stumbled upon this amazing inside-out dress and delighted in the gory details executed through the medium of craft. An icord intestine? Genius!!!

How cool is this?

Further info about this amazing creation can be found here – I am in awe!!!

Christian the Lion

I got sent this video via email today and just wanted to share it. Personally, I think the cheesy soundtrack and sickly tagline at the end are somewhat unnecessary, but the contents of the video itself are awesome! Enjoy 🙂

Piggy Wig Hats for Piggy Wig Girls

So yesterday I introduced you to Bettina Batfink. Isn’t she gorgeous, sigh? Actually, within the Blythe world, Ultimate Tour (of which Bettina is one) is a bit of a Marmite girl – you either love her or hate her. Many people find her pouty little lips and chin blush somewhat objectionable, and many do not like the whole gothy thing she’s got going on. I, however, find all this fab. Anyone who knows me in real life will understand this – whilst I am not a fan of purple and black velvet; platform shoes with metal panels welded to the side; or dying my hair black, I do love images of skulls and bones, and really dig that whole dark Victoriana thing that there is. Think more Russell Brand than Marilyn Manson 😉 So for me, Bettina is perfect, with her little bat wing tattoos on her shoulders, bat hair accessories, skull eye chip and black pull charm. I love her so much!

However, there is one downside to her – the hair. Don’t get me wrong – in many ways it’s beautiful. It’s soft, long, silky and tame. But it’s in perma-pigtails. The way that her hair has been thatched for the full length of her head and along her fringe means that if you take her hair down, you risk losing the lovely neat thatch line that makes her piggy tails so pretty and, even worse, that her fringe is simply lost in her mass of hair 😦 Because of this, I decided to leave her hair in pigtails, which really doesn’t bother me as I’m a very lazy dolly hairstylist anyway. But it did mean that she couldn’t wear any hats, risking a cold noggin in the winter. Or did it?

After a bit of though and a play around with a few idea, I managed to come up with a hat pattern especially for pigtailed girls – you simply feed each pigtail through a hole in the hat and then put it on as normal! So inspired by Bettina, I have designed a range of OOAK Piggy Wig Hats, which happen to be for sale in my Etsy shop 😉

Piggy Wig Hats!

Series Finale!  OOAK Piggy Wig Hats!

Ready Tonight!  OOAK Piggy Wig Hats

I really enjoyed making these and I am sure that more will follow – and yes, any Blythe in pigtails can wear them so long as you style her hair in pigtails! As well as creating a new crochet pattern, I really enjoyed designing and stitching my unique felt motifs and am super pleased with the results. As ever, though, I have put the needs of the shop before my girls, so I really must make sure that I make a special hat just for Bettina that’s hers to keep forever 🙂